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The Betacup & The Betacup Campaign

Jesko Stoetzer
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Can we turn the waste of global rice production into a revolutionary new product?

BREAKING NEWS: 7-14 cents ! = )  We found a revolutionary manufacturer in Europe, that offered us best material charachteristics and great calculation so that we got an great new perspective with a new option for walk-in customers: 100% naturally compostabele disposables from rice husks, the waist of global rice production. Get all information above in the presentation screen ! The calculation for the cups is already scaled from pilot to world market. Our submission has been invited to the EARTH AWARDS 2010. Yeahr ! Read the full story above in the presentation. Or have a look at the Earth Awards here. See an overview of the resuable & the disposable – and all optional incentive programmes & social benefit programmes as a proposal for a pilot: "Seattle´s Sustainablity World Pilot Run". Starbucks can simply choose which options they want to run in the pilot. See it in high resolution here !  As we had to do a full concept for the Earth Awards, we decided to do a summary/overwiev of this submission for the JOVOTO/BETACUP JURY as well. You´ll find the pdf for downloading here. HIGH RESOLUTION & DOWNLOADS: See the video of part I - The Betacup - here. See the video of part II - How can we make people to reuse their cup? - here. Read the summary of our submission, an overview for the jury, here. HELLO ! = )Here´s our idea, coming out of my little 7sqm office in berlin, having helping hands of squalidsketch. We hope you like it and we appreciate feedback a lot !Please have a look at our second Video now, on "How can we make poeple to reuse their cup?". We think, people that buy a ststainable cup and care for their environment might have a sigificant higher affection for an additional social benefit and there you will find some ideas, good thoughts and suggestions about it. If you want to read a lot about our thoughts and backgroundinformation on what you have seen in the videos and the presentation screens - here´s the concept:THE CONCEPTPART ISee the video of part  I in high resolution here.We started with "The Betacup" itself and suggest a sustainable, full biodegradable reusable cup. We suggest to produce it out of rice husks, as it is the waist of global rice production and suggest a nice spot to introduce the idea. There are manufacturesrs that invented different approaches/techniques to produce such a material already on the market. (To us Melsombiodegradable invested a lot in experiments with different natural fibres, found a great way to produce such a material, already offers different products of it that seem to offer great quality charachteristics. (Reusable, full biodegradable, toxic free, dishwasher safe,…) There are other manufacturers that produce a rice husk granulat, that might be able to be turned into cups as well.)PART IISee the video of part II in high resolution here.Now, that we have a reusable cup, how can we motivate poeple to reuse it ?(First, we needed a cool, convincing product and a great presentation. We tried to offer this in part I.)For additional motivation we offer 4 suggestions: a) We suggest to combine a natural material with modern technology such as RFID to simply tag your personal cup with a RFID-sleeve from natural coloured rubber. You can simply pay with your cup or just even take your banderole with you. It might be a good reason to take it with you and an easy modern payment option. This offers lots of possibilities. The most simple one is credit on your sleeve for payments and a discount for every time you bring your cup as well as counting the succsess of the campaign. What we like about it, is combining "high-tec" and natural materials for the evolution of sustainable solutions.  b) Some poeple might feel attracted by team competitions. It should be great to see the effort and succsess of the campaign in real time. There could be signs in stores and apps for it.  Any reuse might put a small amount into the pot and you could have monthly, weekly, daily or local champions and winners of a "green jackpot."  We think, poeple that buy a sustainable cup and care for their environment might have a sigificant higher affection for an additional social benefit  – and be much more motivated by these ideas: c) We had a look for 1 to 1 motivations. Every time you do not forget your cup, something else is happening as an extra benefit. Some people care more about others than theirselfes. We thought it would be nice to find something really cool, innovative, good and social. Right in my (Jesko´s) neighbourhood i saw those heroes, that bring vegetable soups on a bike to underserved childern, right here in the bronx of berlin. I had a chat with them and they were very open to announce this idea to grow. For us, this looks like a great motivation to bring your cup, if you know, each time you bring your cup, a child will get a good vegetable soup for your effort!  d) Last but not least - You could invent a partnership to a child. In  the moment you buy your cup, you become a sponsor of a child. Simply by transferring your discount for your effort and the safed cup to a pot. I did some research about parter- or sponsorships. Most effective are groups of sponsors per child, to give it solid ground. If you love these ideas, they might grow and might even become part of "Starbucks shared planet". Their Claim is "You and Stabucks - it´s bigger than coffe" !We appreciate your feedback a lot, to make it better, choose and finish this part  to get to part III, where the best suggestion of part 2 will be annouced at the end of the spot.PART IIIYou can take part. Yes, you ! = ) "The Betacup Campaign" is ment to be interactive. Reusing your cup and  becoming part of a sustainability movement. To demnostrate this in a fun way, we start right now. If you want to be in, you are heartly invited to get into our next spot. It will be about average poeple being little heros.If will be fun ! = )If you like to support us, take part, ad get  into the spot - download the pdf and follow the "secret instructions" here. = )(We hope we can still do this later. At the end of the contest Jan had to go to the hospital and we could not finish this part,  as we had great news from manufacturers to communicate first. )CREDITSThanks a lot to Lex Tol, for running the "Gemüse Tranformator", giving vegetable food to the children if my neighborhood and being open to annouce his work here to be seen and grow. You´ll find his website here:www.gemuesetransformator.de/Thanks a lot to Mr. Alexander Talmon from proudmusiclibrary.com, who decided to become our sponsor for the music of PART III and giving us the soundtracks free for presentational use. Those guys have a huge online archive for great soundtracks. You´ll find their website here: www.proudmusiclybrary.comThanks to Nick Humphries for his Starbucks photo. JOVOTO-COMMUNITYThanks to all of you for reading, watching, commenting, rating and supporting our work !!We appreciate your feedback a lot !!And here again - we think it would be great fun to see some of you with funny or really crazy photos in the next spot!  Click here, to get the whole story. = )Have a beautiful day  ! = )Yours, Jan & JeskoSidenotes:We would love to have a contest with full integrity and respect for each other´s submissions that feels good and fair for everybody.  Some submissions go in connatural directions. If you have a closer look, you hopefully find different emphases and specifications. – I was working on my Idea since more than three weeks now, found Jan last week to help me with the animation and i promise not to have copied anything. If you have any doubts about interfereces with other submissions please contact me or squalidsketch – and texastee as the contest manager to find a good answer.All images, camera-moves and sounds are licenced before – not to hurt anybodys rights, ensure full public viewing and spread the idea widely.Thanks, dear squalidsketch for your amazing work ! Great to have you next to me ! : )
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